Project Update on The Ice Cream School Web design

This week I was hard at work on the web design for the project The Ice Cream School. This is based on the logo and branding project I did awhile ago which can be found in my design portfolio. So far I got done with the banner design. What do you think?

The Ice Cream School Banner Design
This is the banner for the site.


Introduction to Stephanie

Today I decided to start my blog. A design blog. For those that don’t know me. I am Stephanie Noel. Some people call me Steph or Stephy and even Saney. I am graphic designer and a creative person. In fact I love to create everything from music on my keyboard, to writing short stories, a book blog, even word search puzzles if I have time and designs. What made me want to be a designer was an interesting story. I started from fine art background in high school. In school I remember be a messy artist that love to dabble into paint and pastels. The good days. But in my second year of college I discovered design and after the results of finished project I knew that being a graphic designer is what I am meant to.

Unlike painting despite it fun self, it didn’t fulfill my creative wants. It I didn’t want to just to create something to just be hung on a wall but I want to create something that meant something. Something that makes a difference to the world or to just one person. I also love graphic design because it brings other things I like and that is solving problems, communicating and message and function.

As a designer I have a passion for color, type and all things I don’t know a lot about. I love to learn new ways to design something. I area of interest is logos and branding. I like that area of design because it lets me help solve problems for others. From create a logo for a non profit to a new start-up stepping into the business world. I also have a have passion for marketing as well and like the combination of design and marketing.

Now in this blog, here is what to expect. In my blog I plan on sharing my life as a designer, my process on my projects, my favorite design stuff and since I did mention I am a book blogger I will be covering book reviews. There will more to come but this is start of the journey. I hope to have you on this train ride as I navigate the world of design and how to inspire someone else. Until my next post keep on creating.

Learn Typography With A Great Book

Thinking With Type by Ellen Lupton

If you someone looking to learn more about Typography or looking to refresh your memory on the basics, a great book to check out is Thinking With Type by Ellen Lupton. This is a really great book that I read when I was in school taking a Typography class. I read this this book like three times and each time it’s like discovering something new.

Thinking With Type talks about what is typography and also shows you what effective ways to use them. The book also covers the background in how letters came about since the early ancient times to how it evolved until til today. I like how it’s tells you a short history without boring you or overloading you with too much history. It’s mostly brief. Another great part of the books is the anatomy of letters. Learning the parts of the letters is handy when talking to other designers and also having a better appreciation of the different forms and styles of typefaces.

The book also have exercises so you can practice what you learned and some projects to take part in. I actually haven’t done the exercises myself but will try since I am someone looking to practice some more. This is a really great book to get your feet wet in the type world. If you are interested in checking it out click on the affiliate links and learn about the world of typography. Until my next book review keep on reading.