Project Update: Fiber Nut Bar

Wow, its been a while since I been on here. For last few weeks I been working on a project called Fiber Nut. This is a redesign project…or should I say I was polishing up a old project I did recently called Fiber Nut. This is a fictional company that sells organic nut snacks and nut butter spreads. They have the goal to create great snacks to for people who look to eat food without chemicals or processed foods. Foods that have more nutritional value but also taste delicious. I was inspired my love of almonds and nut butters. I also am a fan of trail mix so this was a personal project.







Project Update: Surf’n Apparel Website

On this weeks project update, I have finished the design for Surf’n Apparel website. This is part of the Surf’n Project that I been working on. This project was inspired by surfing, the beach and just the lifestyle by the ocean. The last few days I been working on the project.

Surf'n Apparel
This is the website design I created for Surf’n Apparel


New Project: Redesigning Surf’n the Wave Logo

I decided it is time for a redesign project. I think its a great idea to look at your past projects and take a look at it. Sometimes if you have project that could better you give it a new facelift. So for my redesign project I will be working on Surf’n the Wave logo because I think it can be more refined. I like parts of it but I am not a fan of the type and I could do more.


Progress Update: Help|Ask Web Design

This week I had a busy week. Working the web design for the homepage of Help|Ask project. If you are new to the site and not sure what the project is. Help|Ask is a fictional site that lets you ask people questions or get with advice. But the site also lets you help others. The site also have the option with letting you seek solutions from experts on a chosen topic as well. In this web design project, I worked on the homepage this week. I wanted create a modern look that was easy to navigate as well. The site is also photo rich as well. Below is the what the first page looks like. Let me know what you think.


Project Update

Over the weekend I worked on finishing The Ice Cream School website and I have finished the design for the website. I happy to have it finished ready to start the week with a new assignment. Let me know what you think of the website in the comments below. What is my next project? Well come back to see what’s next.Until next time keep on creating.


Progress Update: The School of Ice Cream Web Design

Today I went back to the website project for The Ice Cream School. After looking at the project I decided to scrape it and redesign it. I knew deep down that it didn’t look right so today I was working on the wireframe for the site. Luckily I didn’t have to start with sketches all over again. Here is a snapshot of my wireframe.

Wireframe for The Ice Cream School
Wireframe for site

Project Update: The Ice Cream School Web Design

Today I worked on the first draft of The Ice Cream School web design project. If you are just popping in for the first time, I am design a website for a logo and branding design project I recently called The Ice Cream School. The Ice Cream School is a course site that provides courses that teach people to make ice cream. Below is the first draft that I been working on. What do you think?

The Ice Cream School Web Design
The first draft on the project of The Ice Cream School web site.

Project Update on The Ice Cream School Web design

This week I was hard at work on the web design for the project The Ice Cream School. This is based on the logo and branding project I did awhile ago which can be found in my design portfolio. So far I got done with the banner design. What do you think?

The Ice Cream School Banner Design
This is the banner for the site.