My Process

What is Stephanie’s Process

The brief

Every project starts with the brief. This is the most important phase in the project and where I learn everything I need to know about the project before touching a pencil. I like to know all the nitty gritty details. I also ask questions about the project like: What is the project? Who is for? Who is the audience? How can I fix this problem? And etc…

Brainstorming and Sketching

In the second part of the project I brainstorm for ideas and sketch in my sketchbook. Sometimes I use a web or a list for ideas and sketch them. I also research for inspirations as well.

The First Draft

This is where I finally hit the computer and work on the first draft. For logos I work in black and white before color. Once I finish the project I usually wait for a day to past before deciding on what comes next.

The 2nd Draft

After looking at the project with fresh eyes I take note and critque my work. Its a great idea to stay back and not see your work and than come back because its helps catch what you missed or see if the project needs to be fixed. After I find the flaws I go back and work on a second draft of the project.

Final Draft

When my project is finished I polish up the finishing touches and present my work. This is also the part where I mock up my work and than write about the project. I also will upload my work.